The Handmaids tale
By Margaret Atwood

  • Inside I can see a long table, covered with a white cloth and spred with a buffet: ham, cheese, oranges- they have oranges! - and fresh baked breads and cakes. As for us we'll get milk and sandwitches on a tray, later.

The Handmaids tale is a story about what would happen if in the future women became unable to have children and the few that could have them didn't want bring them into a world that is full chaos where women are taking children from others. Later the world went to war where anyone who was not married or who had been married before was taken to camps where the women were given a chioce about where they wanted to go. They could pick to go away to a camp where they wold be worked to death or they would be sent to try and help repopulate the world. They get three tries at three different places before they are seen as being "unwomen" where they are sent away to the colines and are worked to death.

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  • This book shows how the government can become very irrational and start to take over everything. In times of chaos people tent to look to religon and start to become very extreme also, then when the two mix you get compounds and crazy rules! You can see that by the fact that whenever a baby has a problem the despose of them by calling them "un babies" and getting rid of them. They just go on with their lives and act like nothing has ever even happened. The women are also treaded just as harshly if they cannot become pregnant with in three years at a commanders house they are sent on their way to a new house. Once they go throught three houses they are sent away. To a work camp where they are pretty much just worked to death. The women however have to go through many trainning camps before they are even allowed to go to any of the commanders houses.
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  • The setting of the book is in a house where no one is really allowed to talk they have to listen to every little thing that the wives tell them to do. It shows how the government and power hungry people can try to take over everything. It shows that there are very little rights in the times to the point that they can try and take away all human rights and things that they have even become used to. The women who are under the control of the governments are not allowed to have things that are as simple as face cream only because they feel that they are only put on this world for one thing and that is to have children. They are also forced to have check ups once a month no matter what. No one can every see there faces and they are not allowed to raise their heads to look at anyone. They are not even allowed human touch.

  • Margaret Atwood was very into womens rights. She would always stand up for what she beleved in no matter what it was. The was that she discribes how much the women in her book had taken away from them. She says that they were not even allowed to have lotion because they did not have to look good. They were only there for one reason and that was to have children. Only the commanders wives were allowed to have anything. Only the women who were very well off could have anything that was nice. The rest of them would hide something as simple as butter to keep there whole face from drying out totally.